I began my treatment with Amy approximately 10 years ago. My main symptoms were recurring UTI’s, migraines, constipation, pelvic floor prolapse. I felt exasperated and defeated that after all the modalities I had tried I wasn’t improving. All of these conditions that I came in with have improved. I seldom get migraines, less UTI’s.  I understand constipation much better, as she educated me about how low motility, which I have, affects intestines and some ways of working with that. Until then I thought it must be what I was eating that was the problem. I have not worked with other PT’s, but I know how differently Amy works. I love her hands on approach and vast store of other modalities that she studies and uses when applicable.  What surprises me the most about Amy is how many patients she sees in a day, a week, her energy level and how much she cares about her patients and their families.  How many courses, workshops, she has taken and continues to take.  Her fun sense of humor! Amy knows how interconnected the body is, for example, how my migraines although presenting in head, neck, and back pain really entailed whole body posturing. Or how constipation, UTI’s, migraines are connected to emotional, mental, spiritual imbalances and tension patterns that may have to be included as part of the healing process. I would recommend Amy because she has treated so many patients with so many different difficult conditions and provided relief. Amy has given me tools that are invaluable in my healing. I have friends that have been helped by Amy. Amy is constantly studying, taking classes, learning the latest findings in health as well as a solid background in traditional medicine. Amy knows her limitations and will recommend other practitioners for things she is not qualified to treat.