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My journey with Amy began in January 2021. I’ve had scoliosis since I was a child and it’s not been addressed as it relates to its impact over my lifetime from a pain and posture perspective.  As I saw my mom lose height and posture over her later years, my objective was to work with Amy to determine what I could do to slow down progression of my own loss of height and maintain posture. Another area that we are addressing is left shoulder pain.  My range of motion on my left side was reduced due to the pain I’ve had in the rotator cuff area. Amy and I are still working together.  My focus will be lifelong to slow down progression. After 9 months, it appears I’ve gained some height back and have far fewer back aches when walking — just about none. I have no pain in my left shoulder. Amy’s expertise, knowledge, and know-how enable her to be laser-focused on what her patients are experiencing and how to address each scenario. What surprised me the most was the time that Amy takes to continue her own development and education for the benefit of her patients. Now that I know Amy, I’m not at all surprised that she ensures she takes time for continuing education. My initial focus was the impact of my scoliosis. Amy has also supported me in resolving left shoulder pain, some improvement in my knee pain, and she identified a Vestibular Therapist who was also outstanding and who supports me in resolving vertigo episodes. The main reasons why I’d recommend Amy to other patients is Amy’s ongoing self-development/continuing education focus, her clear expertise on the interconnectedness of our anatomy and how one area impacts another, and her ability to identify other practitioners when needed. And she’s fun and interesting to spend time with! - Paula
My experience with Amy has been nothing short of life changing. She has healed me in so many ways. I often joke that she has “magic hands.” But the truth is, she is just so incredibly committed to her craft that she is an absolute expert. Not only has she been doing this work for a long time, but she does more continuing education than anyone I know. She has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and actively chooses to dive headfirst into as much body related information that she can find. I believe that she uses every patient and experience as an opportunity to learn and better her skills.  Her manipulation is gentle, but her drive is fierce. I feel truly grateful for every appointment I share with her and feel privileged to have her as such a vital part of my well-being.  Her wait list can be long but I can assure you it is well worth the wait.  As long as she is in practice, I will be a forever patient! - Melissa

Amy has an amazing talent for listening to the body and honoring its request. She has such a wide range of knowledge and is willing to share what she knows in order to help the patient feel better. Amy puts all of these skills to such great use AND has an amazing bedside manner sprinkled with a generous sense of humor.  I have put my trust in her and have been amazed at the results we have achieved together.  She has been a vital member of my “dream team” that is helping me recover from a lifetime of chronic illness.

 - Stacey
Amy is one of the most competent and highly educated therapists I have ever met. She has an incredible knowledge, a genuine interest in her patients’ well-being and is a first-class professional. She thinks outside the box when other clinicians fail to do so. I have been receiving physical therapy from Amy for many years.  My doctor initially referred me to her for pelvic floor therapy for recurring UTI’s. Her keen evaluation of me found a connection between many interrelated anatomical systems that were causing my numerous and varied symptoms. Her expertise and knowledge of the human anatomy is incredibly in depth and accurate. She has healing hands, knows the human body, and identifies the areas and systems that need attention. Her assessments are always spot on. I consistently note results after every visit. Not only does she provide treatment in the clinical setting, but she also provides exercises and stretches that help at home and between visits. She always listens to my concerns and symptoms when making her plan of treatment. I highly recommend Amy for her expertise in numerous medical and healing modalities. - Ruth

I began my treatment with Amy approximately 10 years ago. My main symptoms were recurring UTI’s, migraines, constipation, pelvic floor prolapse. I felt exasperated and defeated that after all the modalities I had tried I wasn’t improving. All of these conditions that I came in with have improved. I seldom get migraines, less UTI’s.  I understand constipation much better, as she educated me about how low motility, which I have, affects intestines and some ways of working with that. Until then I thought it must be what I was eating that was the problem. I have not worked with other PT’s, but I know how differently Amy works. I love her hands on approach and vast store of other modalities that she studies and uses when applicable.  What surprises me the most about Amy is how many patients she sees in a day, a week, her energy level and how much she cares about her patients and their families.  How many courses, workshops, she has taken and continues to take.  Her fun sense of humor! Amy knows how interconnected the body is, for example, how my migraines although presenting in head, neck, and back pain really entailed whole body posturing. Or how constipation, UTI’s, migraines are connected to emotional, mental, spiritual imbalances and tension patterns that may have to be included as part of the healing process. I would recommend Amy because she has treated so many patients with so many different difficult conditions and provided relief. Amy has given me tools that are invaluable in my healing. I have friends that have been helped by Amy. Amy is constantly studying, taking classes, learning the latest findings in health as well as a solid background in traditional medicine. Amy knows her limitations and will recommend other practitioners for things she is not qualified to treat.

 - Roxanne

My daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis a few years ago. We went to a local physical therapist and my daughter diligently did exercises every day, but her condition only worsened and the curves in her back grew. Exercising every day was not enough, at least with the exercises we were given. Trying to avoid surgery, we did some research and found Amy. Immediately I knew she was just what we needed. Her knowledge of body mechanics is incredible. Unfortunately, we didn’t find her in enough time to avoid surgery, but I know without a doubt that the work she did to strengthen my daughters back made surgery extremely successful.  We are 2 months out from surgery.  Recovery time was shortened, and life is normal again. I can’t thank her enough for all the personalized attention and true human kindness. My only regret is that we didn’t find her sooner.

 - Cyndy

Amy is a blend of compassion, enthusiasm, and professionalism. She knows the value of her skills to patients and continues to add hours of advanced training. I had a spinal fusion in my early twenties. The doctor gave me a corset with metal stays and no PT! Over the past forty years my body added compensations galore to keep me upright and out of pain… as a result my torso tilted 1-1/2 inches left-of-center impacting my ability to walk. Tennis was completely off the table.  Today my torso is upright.  Because of Amy’s skills and coaching I will not be crippled in my old age from the long-term implications of an operation in my twenties.

 - Dana
Amy has made such an impactful change on my life ever since I started seeing her for physical therapy. She was one of very few people who knew the ins and outs of scoliosis and how to best help me as her patient. I used to experience chronic back pain, which has nearly resolved since being introduced to Amy’s therapies and exercises. Family and friends constantly tell me how much my posture has improved since beginning therapy. Amy is kind, engaging, and so knowledgeable and is an amazing physical therapist to work with! - Robyn

I moved to Philly in 2011 and was looking for an Orthopedic and a P.T. that understood me and my conditions. Physicians that would look into my scoliosis and me and not just the insurance payment. I was looking for a human that would hear my cry for help to ease my pains (physically and mentally) and have the knowledge to do so. Someone that knew what scoliosis does to the body and mind especially when you’re not a child anymore! 

While searching the internet for months and joining group chats asking other suffering “scoliosis warriors” about their journeys…I was told about the “Schroth method” and the benefits of it, especially on adults with scoliosis. I asked my pcp (had no idea, go figure!), asked my ortho (he just wanted me to have an operation, and said my condition is degenerative so don’t waste my time on P.T.!!! that’s not happening!) Western medicine!!!!!! But I kept on looking till I saw Amy’s name! All the powers of the universe gathered to help me find her! My own “Deus ex machina”! 

Since then, I can’t picture anyone else helping me, or my family (because she did help when was needed, my boys and husband). Her knowledge and experience alongside her amazing heart are the best healing tools we need, that I need. For me personally, Amy is family after all this time! I know that I can trust her to ease my pains, I know that when I just describe to her what hurts she’ll do her “magic” and within the hour everything will be “working properly again”! She “hears” your body!!!! She knows every single part of it! She knows that a scar tissue in your abdomen can cause a migraine and with her “magic” hands, she can make the pain go away! She also shares her knowledge with you and that’s amazing! She explains everything and tries to make you understand your body. She taught me how to breathe correctly and explained to me the “art of breathing”! How breathing correctly or incorrectly interferes with our entire face and body! I’d say out loud with certainty that I grew inside of me, as a person, knowing her! 

 - Anna
Amy has been a true godsend to our daughter. Bailey was referred for Schroth Therapy as a last-ditch effort prior to proceeding with spinal fusion surgery. We were told by her pediatric scoliosis specialist in Delaware that there are only three Schroth Certified Therapists in the Tri-State area. Lucky for us, Amy was just five miles down the road from our house. From the moment we met Amy, she put Bailey at ease with her kind smile, friendly disposition and infectious sense of humor. After completing 10 sessions of Schroth Therapy with Amy, Bailey was re-evaluated by her scoliosis physician. We were given the greatest news possible, Bailey's curve decreased 10 degrees and she is no longer a surgical candidate! Bailey’s confidence and self-image have increased dramatically as Amy has taught her individualized exercises and helped her develop muscles that have improved her alignment and significantly reduced her back pain. Amy's knowledge, educational background and professional experience is second to none. The work that Amy has done and continues to do with Bailey is amazing and she will forever hold a special place in our hearts.