My journey with Amy began in January 2021. I’ve had scoliosis since I was a child and it’s not been addressed as it relates to its impact over my lifetime from a pain and posture perspective.  As I saw my mom lose height and posture over her later years, my objective was to work with Amy to determine what I could do to slow down progression of my own loss of height and maintain posture. Another area that we are addressing is left shoulder pain.  My range of motion on my left side was reduced due to the pain I’ve had in the rotator cuff area. Amy and I are still working together.  My focus will be lifelong to slow down progression. After 9 months, it appears I’ve gained some height back and have far fewer back aches when walking — just about none. I have no pain in my left shoulder. Amy’s expertise, knowledge, and know-how enable her to be laser-focused on what her patients are experiencing and how to address each scenario. What surprised me the most was the time that Amy takes to continue her own development and education for the benefit of her patients. Now that I know Amy, I’m not at all surprised that she ensures she takes time for continuing education. My initial focus was the impact of my scoliosis. Amy has also supported me in resolving left shoulder pain, some improvement in my knee pain, and she identified a Vestibular Therapist who was also outstanding and who supports me in resolving vertigo episodes. The main reasons why I’d recommend Amy to other patients is Amy’s ongoing self-development/continuing education focus, her clear expertise on the interconnectedness of our anatomy and how one area impacts another, and her ability to identify other practitioners when needed. And she’s fun and interesting to spend time with!