Amy is one of the most competent and highly educated therapists I have ever met. She has an incredible knowledge, a genuine interest in her patients’ well-being and is a first-class professional. She thinks outside the box when other clinicians fail to do so. I have been receiving physical therapy from Amy for many years.  My doctor initially referred me to her for pelvic floor therapy for recurring UTI’s. Her keen evaluation of me found a connection between many interrelated anatomical systems that were causing my numerous and varied symptoms. Her expertise and knowledge of the human anatomy is incredibly in depth and accurate. She has healing hands, knows the human body, and identifies the areas and systems that need attention. Her assessments are always spot on. I consistently note results after every visit. Not only does she provide treatment in the clinical setting, but she also provides exercises and stretches that help at home and between visits. She always listens to my concerns and symptoms when making her plan of treatment. I highly recommend Amy for her expertise in numerous medical and healing modalities.