I moved to Philly in 2011 and was looking for an Orthopedic and a P.T. that understood me and my conditions. Physicians that would look into my scoliosis and me and not just the insurance payment. I was looking for a human that would hear my cry for help to ease my pains (physically and mentally) and have the knowledge to do so. Someone that knew what scoliosis does to the body and mind especially when you’re not a child anymore! 

While searching the internet for months and joining group chats asking other suffering “scoliosis warriors” about their journeys…I was told about the “Schroth method” and the benefits of it, especially on adults with scoliosis. I asked my pcp (had no idea, go figure!), asked my ortho (he just wanted me to have an operation, and said my condition is degenerative so don’t waste my time on P.T.!!! that’s not happening!) Western medicine!!!!!! But I kept on looking till I saw Amy’s name! All the powers of the universe gathered to help me find her! My own “Deus ex machina”! 

Since then, I can’t picture anyone else helping me, or my family (because she did help when was needed, my boys and husband). Her knowledge and experience alongside her amazing heart are the best healing tools we need, that I need. For me personally, Amy is family after all this time! I know that I can trust her to ease my pains, I know that when I just describe to her what hurts she’ll do her “magic” and within the hour everything will be “working properly again”! She “hears” your body!!!! She knows every single part of it! She knows that a scar tissue in your abdomen can cause a migraine and with her “magic” hands, she can make the pain go away! She also shares her knowledge with you and that’s amazing! She explains everything and tries to make you understand your body. She taught me how to breathe correctly and explained to me the “art of breathing”! How breathing correctly or incorrectly interferes with our entire face and body! I’d say out loud with certainty that I grew inside of me, as a person, knowing her!