• Amy has been a true godsend to our daughter. Bailey was referred for Schroth Therapy as a last ditch effort prior to proceeding with spinal fusion surgery. We were told by her pediatric scoliosis specialist in Delaware that there are only three Schroth Certified Therapists in the Tri-State area. Lucky for us, Amy was just five miles down the road from our house. From the moment we met Amy, she put Bailey at ease with her kind smile, friendly disposition and infectious sense of humor. After completing 10 sessions of Schroth Therapy with Amy, Bailey was re-evaluated by her scoliosis physician. We were given the greatest news possible, Bailey's curve decreased 10 degrees and she is no longer a surgical candidate! Bailey’s confidence and self image has increased dramatically as Amy has taught her individualized exercises and helped her develop muscles that have improved her alignment and significantly reduced her back pain. Amy's knowledge, educational background and professional experience is second to none. The work that Amy has done and continues to do with Bailey is amazing and she will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

  • I have known Amy since 2004. She is compassionate, fun loving and passionate about health. I had seen several Physical Therapists for my back pain and each time I was left in worse pain - literally down for several days. I was really worried about trying again. Amy listened to my concerns and she was very gentle. The great thing is Amy's extensive experience and innovative approach made a real difference. She found other "unrelated" factors that were actually having an impact on my back pain. Amy also gave me home exercises that were within my capabilities and to build my strength. With Amy, you feel like you matter - you are not just another slot on her schedule. - Denise C.

  • Amy is an amazing physical therapist. Her ability to develop a course of treatment, explain it so an average person can understand it and attain success is beyond compare. Her knowledge of the skeletal and muscular systems is truly impressive and her description of what is happening in your body enables you to understand what the exercises she prescribes accomplish and why it's important that you do them. Additionally her friendly and personable demeanor and sense of humor make you look forward to your appointment. She helped me and I trust her implicitly. - Bob S.

  • I have been a client of Amy's over the last 11 years. She has treated me for a wide range of problems including back pain during pregnancy, Schroth therapy for scoliosis, ankle weakness from nerve damage and rotator cuff injury. By the end of the course of physical therapy for each problem, I have emerged stronger, more stable and with resolution of my pain. As a physician I find that her understanding of body mechanics is beyond that of any other Physical Therapist who I have encountered. She truly understands how to treat you as a whole person - in body, mind and soul. I have recommended Amy to dozens of people and will continue to do so. - Helen S.